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Product Testing the Pampers Products
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Pampers products
Testers needed: 10

Retail price: 500£ 


Countries Allowed

UK Only.


All systems allowed.

Product details:

Pampers was previously known for their reliable diapers since 1961 by Alfred Goldman. Recently, Pampers has included other baby products such as wipes, and disposable bibs to suit all your baby’s needs. Chickadvisor’s top reviews for Pampers include: Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Parents looking for diapers with thoughtfully sourced ingredients no longer have to sacrifice premium leak protection, soft materials and style. They get the same great leak protection and softness that Pampers is known for, now with more pure materials

Pampers diapers are made WITHOUT:

  • chlorine bleaching
  • fragrance
  • lotion
  • parabens
  • natural rubber latex
  • 26 allergens identified by the European Union

Pampers Pure diapers are just as soft as Pampers Swaddlers

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